Formerly B & J Embroidery / Same Family, new name!

I am located in northeastern Wisconsin, in Green Bay. I have now taken over ownership of B&J Embroidery service which was started by my wonderful older brother Jim & his wife Barb. Because of health issues, Jim has been unable to continue with his service; therefore, he has turned his business over to me to keep this as a small family-owned business.

I decided to change the name to a former family named business, the name "Honey Bee Embroidery" was chosen to honor our loving parents. "Honey" was my father's nick name while growing up and my mother's name was Beatrice, "Bea" for short. So the two of them together had created their own business over 50 years ago in the front half of our house called "Honey Bea Bakery". I have such fond memories of the smell of fresh baked bread, donuts and decorating hundreds of Christmas cookies.

I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful, close and supportive family!

Kim Connelly-Goral